Kid's BBQ Competition & Family Fun Festival





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Join the Inaugural Family & Friend Fun Festival


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Fallbrook Church

12512 Walters Rd,

Houston, TX 77014


About the Family & Friend Fun Festival


The Family & Friend Fun Festival & Kid's Que highlights and celebrates local food and agriculture in our region. The event attracts about 1,800+ patrons from the surrounding urban and rural area, including young families, teenagers, university students, professionals, and seniors. Over 50 exhibitors participate, offering prepared food, fresh produce and flowers, and more! The Family Fun Festival takes place just north of Highway 8 on the beautiful grounds of the Fallbrook Church. The strength of the Family Fun Festival & Kid's Que lies in the strong collaborative effort of organizations and businesses across Houston, our dedicated volunteers, and the valuable community sponsors that support this great event.


Event Objectives


The Family & Friend Fun Festival & Kid's Que is intended to be a fun, educational event for all ages:


 Promotes awareness of local food growers, restaurants, distributors, and retailers.


 Provides a variety of activities for the entire family to enjoy, including food skill-building workshops, cooking demonstrations, tours, and live entertainment.


 Builds community by providing a platform for networking around food and agriculture


 Educates patrons about accessing, growing and preparing seasonal healthy food


 Is accessible to everyone (by providing a bus shuttle and sponsored admission for everyone)


Family & Friend Fun Festival Sponsorship Opportunities


Our marketing will put your brand in front of thousands of well-targeted consumers across the region leading up to and at the festival. Our sponsorship package offers you and your business the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to growing the local food system while supporting your marketing goals.


Sponsor Reach

As a sponsor, your organization has the potential to reach:

 1,800+ Event Attendees

 130,000+ Local Newspaper Readers (Tribune, Wellington Advertiser, Snap Guelph)

 80,000 Radio Listeners (KMJQ, KBXX, KQBT, etc.)

 10+ Unique Mailing Lists

 1,000+ Poster Views




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