Stop the Violence

Stop the Violence Initiative

Stop the Violence Initiative - A Partnership with the kNOwMORE Campaign


About the Initiative

Omega men are taking leadership to prevent violence against women and children in the African-American community.


In July 2007, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. made a pledge to prevent all forms of violence affecting the African-American community.  To address domestic, sexual, and community violence, Omega men are taking a critically important step by saying that all forms of violence are wrong and that we need to mentor and teach each other the importance of healthy, non-violent relationships.


The Mu Mu Nu Chapter has developed and implemented programs on the ground to prevent violence, encourage the respect of our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, our aunts, and promote nonviolent relationships.  It is time for all of us to stand up and say no more!



Believing, as an Omega Man, that women and girls deserve my honor and respect; that they should not be talked to, talked about or treated as objects; that the humanity and dignity of women and girls must be appreciated by all men; and that the use of violence is never appropriate to obtain any legitimate human goal, as an Omega man, I pledge that all of the following will guide my daily conduct:


1. I will protect women and children from all forms of emotional and physical abuse.


2. Recognizing that violence is a serious problem among African American men and boys, I will, both individually and through my fraternal activities, advocate against interpersonal violence in every form.


3. I will not use violence or threats of violence in my relationship with any woman or girl.


4. I will not use violence or the threat of violence to obtain sex.


5. I will not use the language of violence to communicate my opinions and/or beliefs.


6. Knowing that violence is not a sign of manhood, strength or courage, I will share that point of view with other men.


7. I will not joke about the use of violence against women with other men, nor allow other men to promote such jokes in my presence.


8. I will never resort to the use of violence against any person, other than in the defense of another or my own self-defense to protect another or myself from imminent harm.


9. I will not remain silent or tolerate men who use violent words or conduct when referring to their relationships with women.


10. If I become aware that any other man is engaging in violence in his interpersonal relationship with any other person, especially if that other person is a woman or a girl, I will speak with him about his behavior, and urge him to seek appropriate services to get help and change his attitude and behavior.

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